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700R4 installed. Extremely noisy and slammed into gears. Returned ($400) and they claimed nothing was wrong. Reinstalled and same situation. My mechanic actually spoke to the tech at Monster explaining to him that "this is not right". After 63 emails, threatened lawsuit, etc., they replaced it. The new one is a total P.O.S. and I seriously would not recommend anyone doing business with Monster. I'm out $2400, 2 1/2 months, 3 installs and have... Read more

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This company is a complete joke! I ordered a th350 from them and it took almost 2 months to receive it. Finally got it, installed it and 1000 miles later its blown up. No reverse. No third. And barley second gear. 2000 dollars i paid. 2 dollars a mile doesnt add up... they wanted another 600 dollars and i pay shipping from California to Florida and back. They are absolutely horrible! Never order anything fromt monster transmissions!!!! Read more

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Ordered a mega monster aod 4x4 on march 29 2016 and was told a 4 week build and now may 12 and no transmission! I was told it was in shipping but no shipping number. Really! I should have followed the customer forums! I am ordering a transmission from autozone tommorow and seeking lawyer help with this matter! Alltrans rebuilds autozone transmissions and offer quality remanufactured transmissions! I now wish i ordered from them Read more

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Ok! This is what is happenning as i speak! I ordered a mega monster from " monster transmission" on march 29 and it is may 12 and i have not recieved my transmission after i was told a 4 week build! I was told it was in shipping but no shipping number and no contact! I am curently ordering a autozone transmission because monster is failing to deliver product and excuse, and i am curently seeking lawyer advice! I wish would have read forums... Read more

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This company is a piece of ***. I will start by saying I am a high class rebuilder and what they are selling you can buy anywhere. I replaced 2 transmissions and they both failed and I am a good mechanic and trans builder. There is a reason for the high prices people, land the business and hit the road. I am tired of the ***, and there is no customer service to speak of. I am sitting here with yet another trans that failed and they say its my... Read more

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Ordered a transmission from Monster transmission. Installed, and ins less than 2,000 miles trans failed, no forward gears. Took to local transmission shop and they found all forward clutch packs burned due to a torque converter failure. Torque converter was also supplied by Monster Transmission. I would have to remove the current transmission and ship to Florida for repair. No labor costs are covered by Monster transmission. I would have been... Read more

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Ordered turbo 400 from this company for over $4500. Company sold additional parts that were not compatible. Scatter shield would not fit on the more expensive pan, bolt holes to close to pan sides (indented). The kickdown connector also had to be bent to get scatter shield on and transmission would not go up in the bellhousing far enough with scatter shield on. An expert company should know these details. The transmission also cam with a... Read more

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My experience with Monster Transmissions has been a frustrating path. I was pretty excited to deal with them at first but now I will just stick to reputable local builders or TCI if I do mail order again. When I first spoke to Beau and ordered my 700r4 I told him I was running an Edelbrock Proflo XT fuel injection and needed all parts to hook up the TV cable. I was sold a $39.95 bracket which when arrived fits a carburetor and even when I called... Read more

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Absolutely horrible. False advertisement. Had the transmission installed by Piedmont customs and when I first drove it, I immediately noticed a lot of slippage. The Reverse gear wouldn't engage until after 5 seconds, and that slipped too. Called the customer service line about my warranty, gave me the run around. Basically out of $1,500. Currently paying my mechanic to disassemble and reassemble my transmission. He found used bands and worn... Read more

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Transmissions are unsafe and their customer service is like dealing with scripted drones. They have canned answers for everything. My transmission literally went from the crate to my out of state transmission builder. I never installed it. Lost 2k. Basically, I read about the bad reviews and decided to have my transmission builder look at the internals, just to be safe. The findings were used fasteners, improperly assembled parts, and sure to... Read more

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