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bought a 700R4 from them, got it, installed it per their instructions , had TV cable adj. correctly, it never operated correctly. It made noises , could always smell trans fluid and leaked from pan gasket and rear seal constantly. Finally sent it back to them for the $250 charge , got it back, it operated better for a little longer, however the other day it made a metal grinding, clack sound, still leaks like a siv, and now it will not go... Read more

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I began with the ordering a e4od for f 250 and paid in full same day of ordering it although I was unaware of a small technicality relating to the number of bolts needed for flex plate so I was instructed by rep at MT to check and call back with the info but to my dismay was put on hold with that annoying voice in the back ground about some *** lunch time event that instructed me to log onto there web site to indulge on the hokey truck show and... Read more

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I own a small auto repair shop in a resort community I've been using jasper as my source for transmissions many years now I probably install over 100 transmission a year one day I had a older (1993) Grand Marquis's I called jasper and they didn't have a trans to sell , so I google monster transmissions and called when I talked to sales and explain in detail when I was working on AOD electronic with no TV cable they said no problem 3 to 4 weeks... Read more

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I read many reviews for the monster in a box kit. All seemed so terrible, customers saying they didn't receive all the parts and that the clearances didn't come into spec. In my experience I had a local shop install the kit for me. I made sure to ask them if the parts looked reputable. They informed me that all the parts they saw were familiar and that they used some of them in their shop. That was a relief to hear, so I proceeded to let them... Read more

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I ordered a transmission in early March. I was told 4 weeks for the build, After six weeks I called the salesperson and was told that they could not find a core to rebuild and asked if I would give them mine. I told him there was nothing wrong with the stock one I had and had it sold. I did ask him how much he could credit me for it if I did decide to send it to him. He said " We will pay for shipping". I asked him how much for the trans as I... Read more

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I am not writing to seek revenge, or cover my embarrassment. Just to say some of what I have read applies to my experience. No two page write up. My Monster transmission is 2 years old and out of warranty. Total miles on my 1965 Impala powerglide to 700 R4 conversion project 575 miles. My experience matches other's mature reviews......was very difficult to tune the throttle body cable. The first few hundred miles, shifts would rattle your... Read more

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This company is nothing but a waste of time and will not only waste alot of money buying a transmission from them but you will also spend alot more just to return the broken transmission they built you and still have to find someone else to build you one or take your chances getting them to rebuild but i was always taught if they couldnt do it right the first time their def not gonna do it right the second.and after all the phone calls... Read more

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After considerable research, I had a highly upgraded monster 4L70E transmission installed in my 2006 Hummer H2. It never ran well and was difficult to tune shift parameters. The transmission failed in 13 months and 8000 miles of easy driving. In trying to get Monster to repair or replace the transmission under the stated 24 months, the flatly refused. They claimed because of the upgrades that they had made to their standard design, that the... Read more

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I should of known there was going to be an issue when monster transmission told me three weeks to receive my 200R4 and it took six weeks. And during the several phone calls I had with them during the build they tell me they had issues with shifting and had to take it out of their test vehicle to be repaired that is when I could get anyone to answer or return my calls, but had it resolved finally. Received my transmission two weeks later and... Read more

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I am here to apologize for being impatient and letting my thoughts run wild after reading others forums! I did get my mega aod and had and issue with the case adapter I used and thought the worst after installing! I used a 4r70w case adapter from a mountaineer and it was machined different from a aod adapter witch caused the governor to hit the inside of case adapter. So I found a new governor and case adapter reinstalled and transmission works... Read more

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