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The transmission made noise like their was marbles inside. I put it in gear nothing. It never worked from the minute I installed it . They would not take responsibility for it.

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Earlier this year, I ordered a 700R4 for my K1500. Got it after the time period they said to expect it in, and since I was in a gnarly motorcycle crash before I got it, I had a professional shop install it and clean out the trans cooler system. Their test drive went ok, as did mine, but as soon as I took it up a hill (while doing 55 in a 70 and not pushing it at all) it overheated and caught my truck on fire by puking more than a gallon of... Read more

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This is Roger rice I advise anyone out there to not deal with monster transmission on buying a transmission first of all they are a fraudulent company and they send you out the wrong transmission after 9 weeks when you was promised for weeks and then they did not make the warranty good so now I am having to get a lawyer and file suit against them because I have not received my transmission going on three to four months and they would not give my... Read more

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Please do your research (I wish I had) and DO NOT BUY from this company! They have a flashy website and looks like a legit business, but far from advertised. Do not believe their FREE 3-Year warranty or their 90 Day money back guarantee. It's all garbage. Once you have one of their crappy products, you're stuck. Bought Item # MG4-AOD-TC, an AOD Heavy Duty Performance 4x4 trans from them for my Ford Bronco and paid $1,454.40. I had the... Read more

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I purchased a momster transmission for my f250 Super Duty stock gas motor. It only lasted a few months. I contacted monster transmission and they agreed to fix it after i pulled it out and paid $250 for shipping. It took about a month to get it back. As soon as it was installed and fired up. We noticed a clanking noise while it was in gear... Needless to say that tje trans only lasted 6 months. Now i have a second trans with no warranty and i... Read more

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Im involved with a very bad company that I found on the internet when my 4x4 truck needed a new tranny. Its a long story and by reading these horrible reviews it seems to be a recurring epidemic with MONSTER TRANSMISSION AND PERFORMANCE out of Florida . Well its been about 4 months and counting that i made the call to MT by phone and ordered a transmission and paid by credit card in the amount of 2,869.44 and before the order could be started on... Read more

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Did you ever have to talk to vbb b;Jake ? He's the sob that trying to burn me. I was warned before I went with MT but ignorant and didn't listen so learned All about them unfortunately I smelt a rat.Jake talked to me with respect in the beginning but when I canceled my 2,869.40 trany for my truck all the sudden the phones were busy and no callback so I decided against MT and paid a Local Tech in town to rebuild it and only took 5 days so... Read more

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I am very unhappy with monster transmission first of all their customer service or the worse a hole you could ever imagine and they took 8 weeks to get me my transmission which was promised in 4 and now that it's here the transmission is wrong I cannot hook up my transmission mount because it's not the correct one and they look at me like it's my fault when they had all the pictures and information way before these people are a bad company and... Read more

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bought a 700R4 from them, got it, installed it per their instructions , had TV cable adj. correctly, it never operated correctly. It made noises , could always smell trans fluid and leaked from pan gasket and rear seal constantly. Finally sent it back to them for the $250 charge , got it back, it operated better for a little longer, however the other day it made a metal grinding, clack sound, still leaks like a siv, and now it will not go... Read more

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I began with the ordering a e4od for f 250 and paid in full same day of ordering it although I was unaware of a small technicality relating to the number of bolts needed for flex plate so I was instructed by rep at MT to check and call back with the info but to my dismay was put on hold with that annoying voice in the back ground about some *** lunch time event that instructed me to log onto there web site to indulge on the hokey truck show and... Read more

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