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I originally bought a 4L60e HD package [$1400 + $200 (tc) + $150 (fluid)]. I told them exactly what I had: lifted 4x4 Yukon with headers, intake, cam, & tune. Josh Mercado was my salesman. I installed this 12/2011. I broke this transmission in less than 4 months (3 year warrantee); I drove home in reverse.

They honored their warrantee; paid $361.50 to ship it back. Steve provided the inspection results “burnt clutch debri in pan & alumn piston broke - stuck over-run clutches on”. Since this one broke and I did not want to replace this ever again I asked them to rebuild it with the SS package which is claimed to support 650+ HP. Before making the purchase I specifically asked them on several phone calls if this newly upgraded transmission came with a new SS warrantee. The answer was yes but it only 30 days; I payed $660.50 (upgrade + new tc + fluid + shipping).

WARNING: The warranty displayed on their website it not the REAL warrantee; not all builds get the same one either.

I receive the new SS 4L60e on 4/9/12, installed it the next weekend. I broke the output shaft in a 3-4 upshift while merging on to the Florida Turnpike in 20 days. After a 2+ week run around from Josh Mercado impersonating various voices, I learned that the invoice that was sent to me did not have the warrantee box checked which meant I had none.


What should you do?

- Read jakesperformance.com & phoenixtrans.com; monster’s only upgrades soft parts. These guys upgrade hard parts to get the power number that monster claims.

- Don’t waste money on 4L60e; Buy a 4L80e.

- If you do buy one of these transmissions; keep your shifts nice and soft; don’t get eat my shifts!

What did I do? I bought a Jake's Stage 4 Transmission with a Billet Torque Converter ($4000+). Jake is an honest guy; he know’s how to do the work himself and is not afraid to make his own parts when the market doesn’t sell a quality part and he will talk to you.

TOTAL SPENT: $6772 (I did all the work on my back in the driveway)

Monetary Loss: $2772.


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Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #915109

its hard to warrant certain parts in the 4l60e, you were wise upgrading that truck with the 4l80 still some parts need additional attention, but they should have been more upfront with you

to chris Jupiter, Florida, United States #1316857

I ended up with a Stage 4 Jake's Transmission and a billet converter.I little over kill but no issues after that.

Jake is very knowledgable and wants to know how something fails so he can improve his product.

Technically very competent.You will not find that level of service at Monster.

New York City, New York, United States #760509

If you paid for it w/your credit card file a fraud investigation w/card


I appreciate the feedback on this post. It’s worth noting that Monster posted my name on the internet; I don’t appreciate that. Monster and all the people that work there represent the company. I, however, do not!

I posted enough information so my review was honest and credible; the can readers decide what they do with their money.

Several things are clear and undisputable facts (although Monster’s records reflect only the comments that costumer service chose to document):

1) I broke two units that were supposed to handle 500 hp and 650 hp.

*** 267 hp =/ 650+ hp =/ overpowered***

2) I still have a monster transmission lying around collecting dust. If Monster's customer service is what they claim it is they would have done something. THEY HAVE NOT. I welcome the call.

3) I was told several times on the phone that the rebuilt SS unit would have a warranty, albeit a shorter one 90 days (feel free to confirm the duration). The warranty posted on the website is NOT actual the warranty and did not even include the duration. You only found out the duration on your shipping invoice after you have purchased a unit. HD units receive a 3 year warranty; SS units get much less. ** Now you pay for the handshake warranty **

To get to this point, Monster gave me the run around with multiple calls spanning weeks trying to figure out why they were not living up to their "hand shake" warranty. Eventually they told me that the only warranty I had was the one listed on my new invoice from the SS unit. Despite what I was told on multiple occasions and to my surprise, it did not have anything written in the "Warranty" sections on the invoice (picture #3). Monster claimed they would review the phone records. THEY NEVER DID.

An aside: It’s funny that they are claiming I used different voices when I called in because that was Josh was doing. He answered the phone and said tech support was closed and I would have to call back the next day. Then I called back sales which was still open to ask them different questions trying to understand what type of parts they install and if they upgraded any hard parts within the transmission. Josh blamed me for calling in and playing games, although he is forgetting that he admitted to modifying his voice. I don't play games. This was a childish ploy and the fact that he is resurrecting this fabrication also should give future consumers additional insight into this company.

My truck is 4500 lbs with factory 3.42 gears and a 6" lift (+ ~200 lbs). My dyno run with the stock LQ4 is posted (picture #1). My transmission tuning was stock with factory torque management tables. I also drive normal; I don't jump the line etc. After these events I added more torque management to soften the shifts as much as possible.

Because of this Monster mess, I installed a Jake's Transmission 4L80e Stage 4 (billet internals) with a billet torque converter (2800 rpm stall) and converted the NP241 to the 32 spline shaft. This was probably overkill but I did not want to go back into this thing. I spent another $4000+ but it was well worth it. All told I've spent over $7000 on transmissions. Most customers do not have this fortitude.

Bottom line, don't buy a Monster Transmission, don't trust their handshake or their word and if you buy one you don’t want the "eat my shift" option. If you have an LS style motor, a performance small block, or a heavy truck upgrade it to a 4L80e.

Palm City, Florida, United States #738983

Monster screwed up my transmission several times and blamed me each time. I have several transmission experts that back me up. They screwed up and Josh Mercado and his Thomas family trust family buddies will not admit that they made a mistake, because according to Danny Smith at Monster they do not make mistakes.

Do not use monster transmission for anything you will be sorry you did they will take your money and run.

to Not Danny Smith Brooksville, Florida, United States #739584

Another post without a name or any info.We do make mistakes and aren't perfect.

We have stated that several times on this site and over the phone. We do our best to make our clients happy, going above and beyond as much as possible. Putting peoples names on here and hiding doesn't get anything resolved. We aren't running anywhere we are still at 19370 Oliver Street Brooksville FL 34601 .

Our number is 1-800-708-0087 and you are welcome to call anytime. We stopped responding to posts on here because it became obvious that the site wasn't allowing satisfied clients to remove their old postings. Now we aren't going to sit by idle while people try to smear our name and hide behind the internet. Our staff works extremely hard to custom build these units every day and take care of any issues that may occur.

We are not going to be able to make everyone happy but we continue to try to. Danny Smith hasn't worked here for years so this is obviously an older order that someone is trying to stir things up over. We are still here after 10 years not because we "take your money and run" but because we build more than transmissions we build relationships. We volunteer in our community, we host a monthly carshow for a different charity each time and do many other things to help people.

Wether its handing out turkey dinners to homeless people instead of spending time with our own families or helping clients get back on the road, we care.

We welcome you to come by or call in if you have any questions.There are two sides to every story, thank you for listening to ours !

to Monster Staff Brooksville, Florida, United States #751709

To "Monster Staff"

So you won't sit by while your unsatisfied customers talk truth about your company, yet if you go back on this post you will see where one of your employees bashed several of your customers that were not satisfied.Real professional.

I have tried to deal with your company, I could not get past Josh Mercado or Danny Smith, they would not let me talk to anyone else.

Danny told me that my broken transmission was my problem because monster transmission does not make mistakes.And again I will never trust your company again or recommend you to anyone.

to Monster Staff #1316851

I still am waiting for call for my tracking from kelly


I have a 4l65e transmission for about 3 yrs now in a lifted 4x4, not one problem, and it will chirp the 35 inch tires all day long

I'm with you monster!!!!

to Brains Brooksville, Florida, United States #738517

Thank you Brains, we really appreciate the support!If anyone has any issues we allways go above and beyond to help our clients.

It is not allways going to make everyone happy.

We do our best to give our clients the best products and service every time.Thank you again !!!

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