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I purchased a Monster 700r4 last year. Paid the extra money for the "Mega Monster" to back the 383 in my 70 Monte Carlo. I also paid the extra money for the constant pressure valve body modification to ( in my hope) eliminate any potential issues of transmission malfunction or failure. Transmission arrived, I installed it, adjusted TV cable, tested in garage. Alright, lets go for a test drive... shifting great, happy so far. 30 Miles later, oh great.... here it is starting to slip, getting worse and worse.... Limp it home, check fluid , burnt! After 30 miles, great.... OK Send it back to Monster for a warranty rebuild.

Not even a day and a major failure, call them up, sure we will honour your warranty but you will have to pay $500 USD for round trip shipping! Ouch, So contact BBB after a lot of discussion back and fourth. Got into an agreement to cover half the shipping.

Transmission gets sent back, "rebuilt" and eventually sent back to me. Re-install transmission, and this time I got 3 weeks of driving before it again failed on me....... "What now" I asked. Called them about the issue, always said they would call back. Never do, unless I call them. Faced with having to spend another $500 to get this POS fixed, I gave up and tossed it into a recycle bin.

But not before tearing it apart to see what had occurred. Problem #1 on 2 valve body bolts were actually tight, other ones were all finger tight allowing pressure loss. Problem #2 random bolts lying in bottom of pan??? Problem #3 Terrible crimp on the butt connector they used for lock up torque converter, I touched it, wiring came apart, didn't pursue it any further, tossed it in the metal bin and bought a transmission from a local company that has been working better than I could have ever imagined.

Give your hard earned money to either a local reputable transmission company or another nationally recognized company and steer clear of these guys. It is my goal to make sure anyone acquainted with me never gives the $$$ to this company. They seem so nice, but not all is what it seems......

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Preferred solution: Send it back (still have it) not pay shipping and have a proper rebuild this time! .

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exactly. i had valve body wires that were crimp connected together THAT WERE EXPOSED TO ATF!

they fried my ecm, and wont admit to it... lousy *** company.

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