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Do not buy a transmission from Monster transmission. First they did not repair my transmission three times, of the three times they "rebuilt" I have put a total of 1400 miles on my stock truck with a 4.2 L V6.

All failed because they did not notice that the seperator plate was cracked. I had to pay another shop $2000.00 because the Supervisor at monster told me they do not make mistakes and they would no longer help me

As for the person on this post that stated just call they will take care of you.

I can tell you that is bull____.

I am going to take them to court. I have the parts and a professional transmission shop that will prove i am right.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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a 700r4 output shaft has the govenor tracks...does the one they had in your 4l60e have that


On August 20th 2012 Louis(with Monster Transmission) and I came to an agreement that satisfies both myself and Monster Transmission regarding the issues that I had with my transmission.

Thank you Louis for your help.


i had my 4l60 three times from this guys after buying one from a real trany shop i took the monster trany to a real mechanic had it tore down and found that they were mix matching parts that blocked oil flow which resulted in over heated bearing and a complete failure of the whole trany and of corse they said it was my fault .this guys have more gaul than brains because they don t have a clue how to build tranys and should be shut down DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MONSTER TRANSMISSION EVER.

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