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I was in the process of purchasing a transmission from Monster Transmissions. After building the transmission I wanted we agreed upon a price of $3943.

They first wanted me to finance it, and said I had impeccable credit and would get a great interest rate. When I asked what percentage it would be financed at the only thing they could tell me was they give it in letter ratings. I asked what the term and monthly note were. It came out to be a total of $6800 for 36 months.

When I explained this was not a good interest rate, they did not know what to say. I decided to do the layaway plan with sending my transmission to rebuild after paying half of the total to save a core charge. I asked for an email of the contract and plan, and had to call back 3 times before they sent the email and found they were charging me $4200. It took several more calls in order to get this straighten out.

I decide to go ahead with the order giving the benefit of the doubt mistakes happen. I was paying on it monthly and asked for email conformations each time. I would have to call 2 or 3 times each time before getting an email. I ended up be able to pay an extra $1000 one month.

They charged my bank card twice and took $2000 from my account, causing problems with my bills due to taking more than authorized for. They were unwilling to help correct things. After paying $1600 and continued having problems with emails and payments, I decided to have the work done elsewhere and asked for a refund. They first told me there would be a $300 processing fee.

After thinking about things I decided to go ahead and pay the fee. The second time I called, they said there was a $600 restocking fee. After trying to explain I was told there would only be a processing fee of $300, they refused to honor it. The third time I called, they told me there would be a $400 restocking fee.

I finally, after several attempts to speak with a supervisor, spoke with Jamie (operations supervisor) who I was able to explained to they had nothing to restock, because I had not sent my transmission. He agreed to refund $1525 and explained he had credit card fees. I understood and was more than happy to pay the $75 fee. After one week, they refunded $1000.

I called and spoke with Jamie, who said he would look into it. After 2 days I had to call back and was unable to speak with the operations supervisor, Jamie for reasons of him always being in meetings or just being hung up on. After several attempts, I was finally able to speak with him and was told he would only refund another $200 because I agreed to a $300 nonrefundable deposit fee. I explained to him I did not agree to this and had not signed anything saying so.

He refused to refund anymore then another $200. I had to finally just give in and asked for the $200 refund. I have been waiting for 3 weeks now and have not received the refund. Also every time I call to find out way I have not received it, they cannot answer and tell me I have speak with Jamie.

When I ask to speak with him, they advise he is either out of the office or in meetings. I have tried every day for a week to get in touch with someone to find out way I am unable to get the rest of the refund and have always been unable to.

If you do business with this company, be very careful. I do believe they build a great product, but the customer service is just not there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Monster Transmission Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Good day Sir/Madam.

Please give me a call at 1-800-708-0087 and ask for Marcus. I would like to speak with you regarding this issue. I'm confident that we can help with this situation in a timely matter.

Thank you


If you look into this company, you see that they are all a gimmick. Their marketing is great and they do a great job of making themselves appear to be organized.

On the back end, they are creating other transmission companies just to subsidize the losses that they have incurred by offering poor quality transmissions, with absolutely no oversight or quality assurance, built with used: bands, electronics, steels, and much more. Their turnover rate is insane and Jamie is only there as the sales manager because they probably love to blame the sales manager instead of accepting that they should NOT accept the inferior quality they are putting out.

Do your research. It sucks that you had to deal with the frustration but you may have made a good choice to take your business elsewhere.

to Anonymous #1364293

Dear "Anonymous" Thank you for the compliments regarding our Marketing Team you are certainly right them, they do a great job. As far as the rest of your review, you couldn't be more wrong about us.

As a former Team Member, you are aware that we stick to our Core Values and our principles.

We have no ill will against you. We wish you the best .

to M. Martin #1487790

I would also agree that you have a great marketing team.Your product on the other hand not so much. Spend a little less on tags saying everything was tested and actually test your product.

Just had to spend $180 to ship a replacement transmission.

My original had an issue out of the box. But of course Monster Transmission was doing me a favor by covering half the shipping cost.MONSTER TRANSMISSION SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

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