I bought a 7004R and converter with warranty for my 250 HP Chevrolet. The sales person was very thorough and I felt good at this point. I had not looked at reviews but wish I had. I saw promotions for Monster transmissions on Gas Monkey tv show. What a joke

Anyway--my first transmission showed up about 1 month later. I had a trans shop do the work as I am too old. I drove the car less than 50 miles when it seemed to slip and then a lot of metal to metal noises began before total outage occurred

I called Monster and they had me ship it back. They repaired it---so they said and shipped it back to the garage. They advised that the fluid was burnt and it had over heated. Bear in mind I was having to pay for every hour of the garage time to do this.

Well this time the trans did not even make it out of the garage. Same noise of metal to metal grinding after test drive. Several transmission experts here were involved and opined that the pump had gone bad in both cases. The install was double checked for correctness because this was the second unit.

So--I called Monster again. Send it back they said. A few weeks later I got a call that this trans had also over heated (in the shop??). They advised that they would only repair it if I paid full cost for the repair plus shipping. Hell--by now I was in over $3000. They would not refund my money so I was stuck

In summary I sincerely believe this company is a hoax and that the techs are really beginners. I feel that the parts are imported junk or cheap knock offs. Management seems to be in control of the scam warranties and customer service and I also feel the owners developed this business model that managers follow.

What an experience. OMG

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: installed another transmission I bought.

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