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Don't by any products from Monster Transmission&Performance. I just bought a transmission from them and had it installed. The transmission caught on fire and did not *** into certain gears.

When they got the bad transmission back the said nothing was wrong with. now they refuse to take care of the repair bill. This company screws you of your money and their product are junk.

I highly recommend you stay away from this company and the junk products they supply. Don't waste your money with these clowns.Monster Transmissions&Performance is a joke the people their don't care about there customers or their vehicles .

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Buy local or wait for long repair time.Trans broke one day after installed.

Shipped it back.

They said it was a defective part.Car was laid up for one month waiting for it to be returned.

Brooksville, Florida, United States #1341229

FYI, don't buy from Monster Transmission.I live in town where they built one for me and issues the moment it went in.

Drive to their place and they took my truck and for 5 mo could not figure out what was wrong--no codes ever came up. Finally they built me a whole new one. Well now it is a little over a year and less than 40,000 on it and nothing won't move. They really do not like me living in town because I am their worst nightmare.

Next will be an attorney and the news channels.I see who works for them and a bunch of young kids that think it is great they get to work for MONSTER--they get paid by the piece that is why they are junk.


Yes Monster trans is a SCAM , Sends you junk, and will not stand by there work, won.t even answer the phones,Look at all the better business bureau complaints DON"T BUY FROM THEM, the owner of the company , can not be found, and no one knows who it is , He must be Hiding .

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1145101

I just bought a Monster Trans, and this thing is a beast. Takes everything I can give it, and when it comes to just cruising, well it has that covered as well. Hey buddy, Eat My Shift.


I was thinking about purchasing a transmission from them. But after reading all the bad reviews, they seem like nothing more than a shady fly by night shade tree conartists. I will never by a transmission from them ever


Garbage...Garbage....Wait..... to make it clear....Garbage...I ordered a lock up kit from them for a 700R4....The kit showed up with the wrong connectors...the fusible link wire was so over sized it was good for nothing.....The crimp connectors and switch just bottom of the bucket ***....but hey for $100 bucks I did get 3 stickers saying Eat My Shift.....Thanks for nothing


Thanks for the heads up !!



New Braunfels, Texas, United States #993377

I bought an AOD trans from monster trans recently and am having lots of trouble with it.I will post more later when its all said and done.

But I will say that right off the bat they sent me a tranny for a 1988 lincoln and I ordered one for my 1980 Lincoln. Im out $1500.oo.

Im pissed.Max R.


I was purchasing a Monster 700r4 tomorrow, but now I will purchase from Bow tie. Thanks for the advice all!!!!

Puyallup, Washington, United States #968501

I ordered a gasket/seal kit,and transfer case chain from monster.it took monster transmission a week from the time I placed my order to figure out what chain too send me.

after 3 weeks of waiting, I received my order. the chain ended up being the wrong chain,so I found the right one locally.

monster transmission now wants me to pay for the return shipping,in addition to a 25 percent restocking fee.I regret buying parts from monster transmission, and will never do so again.

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