I bought a 4L60E trans for my Surburban.Sent my warrnty info back. Had the trans installed.

The warrenty was 3yr. unlimited milege. When I ordered I made sure I asked "Is this 100% covered?" Was assured it was. My mechanic always said something was wrong with the trans.

and it finally after only about 40,000 miles is not working. I called Monster they told us to service it. So I ordered fluid and filter from them. It ran for about 2wks and started slipping again.

Called them back, they said it was the torgue converter, I ordered one from you guessed it Monster. Still don't work. Now they say they can't find my warrenty info. Must of got lost when they changed computer systems I was told.

No problem will e-mail me new one to sign. Lo and behold the warrenty they sent me to sign is a pro-rated one. So after all this they say I will get a 20% discount on a new one. Yea, right like thats gonna happen.

So now I have to get another trans, but they did manage to sell me another torgue converter, filter and fliud. Shame on me.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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New York City, New York, United States #760511

If you paid for it w/your credit card file a fraud investigation w/card


yeh I rate this as ***

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