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I have a 1997 Chevy S-10 that has had the OEM transmission, a 5 spd manual rebuilt once before. rebuilt poorly by Lee Myles transmission in west palm beach FL.It lasted 2 years before gears started to grind.

I seen monster transmission on spike TV and decieded to get a new trans for the the truck.

I talked to "doc" He said they would build me a new T-5 trans and have it dyno tested. I gave hime credit card info. Later there were 2 seperate charges, one for trans and one for a case of special oil. $150.00 for oil?

and $1900 for trans. He called back a few times explaining they didnt have a case to build from and it would take a bit longer. Then called again 1 week later to say they found a case and it would be another$300.00, I told him no and forget it. He calls again sayin they will get case no charge.Two weeks later my mechanic calls day after thanksgiving says it arrived> I drive down to the shop< its another factory OEM trans from all star tans.

in Tampa, FL, not a built T-5.MT trans was closed that day. Called all star,they quoted me $800.00 for this OEM trans. MT bought an OEM trans and was doulbling price to sell to me. Mechanic charge $400.00 to install it popped out of second gearand sound like marbles rolling in a coffee can.

Mechanic removed MT trans.sent it back to them then they tried to charge me a 25% restocking fee.I fought them on it and threatined to call master card to reverse charges. they gave full refund. this all started in early november 2010 ended in mid janurary 2011. I let a pro in north FT.

Lauderdale FL. transmission doctor rebuild the OEM trans< runs great. Trans doc said it would be almost impossible to mate a ford T-5 to a GM engine, Doc the *** is a lier a MT and will single handly bring that company down. I caught him in nuemerous lyes and he always back peddled.

Stay away from these people. thank you Ben

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I ordered mine with Doc about a month ago and it was everything and more than what he told me. Very pleased with them and will buy a transmission for my Vette in the future from them.

Doesn't sounds like you knew what you were doing when you purchased.


No joke avoid Monster Transmissionsr money and overcharge you. especially if you have no mechanical abilities and know what your looking at.

The manual NV3500 transmission from GM hold barely 3 quarts of fluid, Why is "Doc" trying to sell me a case of fluid for $150.00 ? even the Chevy dealer sells it for $18.00 a quart. Syncromesh. oh yeah never recieved the case of oil I was charged for and was also being charged a 25% restockin fee on that too.

Despite what you see on TV commercials stay away. Use word of mouth,ask friends or a trusted mechanic for help with transmission repairs.

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