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I've been reading through all of these reviews and have been very surprised! I have had a great experience with them!

The customer service I received was outstanding and my 4L60E runs great and has been for over 10k miles so far! The only complaint that I have is it can be hard sometimes to get through on the phone, but I'm always called back. I understand it as I have seen them on many shows (one of the reasons I bought from them) and they are everywhere on google. As a fellow business owner I can tell you, most of the time people only leave a review when it is bad.

When I spoke to a rep about the bad reviews, they said that they have done well over 50,000 transmissions! So when I thought of that compared to the amount of bad reviews and the fact that they are on many big shows.

I made up my mind and went with them. I'm glad I did to because I've never received better customer service from an automotive store and I love my 4L60E!

Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors 4l60e Transmission.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Great customer service, Product quality, Technical information, Always willing to help, Owning the same trans as steven tyler and richard rawlings.

I didn't like: Bad reviews.

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This review sounds more like a marketing scheme. I have read lots of these reviews and it sounds like the "ase" builders got certified through a crackerjack box.

Leaking gaskets, stripped bolt holes, and leaking transmissions aren't built buy knowledgeable ASE certified techs. I was looking into having a transmission done by monster because of a friend of mine who was all excited to have bought one for his gto. Now his transmission has taken a dump 80 miles into it being on the car and Monster has voided his warranty.

So I figure it's just one bad experience right... Well I have come to see by reading all these reviews that Monster is one *** of a shady business.

to Tony C #1544752

I love how they say “Master ASE”. That would mean they have 100+ Master ASE techs. They would be lucky if they had 100 ASE transmission Techs.


Who writes a positive response 10k miles later please pay for better labor and parts not people to write good reviews.


If you want to be lied too order from these liars!! Ordered a transmission for my 2000 mustang gt.

It arrived at my mechanics shop, he installed it and the first test drive we experienced a shift flare in overdrive. Another words they sent me a broken transmission! I called them and Jessica in the warranty department said to find a trans shop and they would only pay 50 dollars an hour for labor so I took it to Aamco transmission and Jessica and Carl, another lier, said they talked to their techs and the problem was just a pump so Aamco got the part and installed it, still broken! Then they told me to take the tranny out and they would send me a shipping label and they would fix it.

I said who's paying to do all this labor, they said me! Monster Transmission sent me a broken transmission and they won't warranty it! Taking them to court and notifying the BBB!

See you liers in court!! Stay away from this disgusting lying company!!!

to Paul #1442592

That sounds like a stacked pump to me. I would love it if you call me directly at 1-800-708-0087 *4481 or email Marcus @monstertrans.com so you can help get to the bottom of this.Thanks

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