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I feel like I got screwed over though I was buying a superior product and now I feel like I only bought a headache. They claim to test every order but not true I received New Heavy duity transmission as soon i I had it installed first test drive and it slips.

I call them to explain the problem which if they truly tested my transmission I would have never received it because it isn’t right.

So I speak to a tec over the phone and he says he will send me new shift solenoids For it well that was two weeks ago. They have no since of urgency are consern for their customer I call today and they said it got mixed up and they are sending the parts today

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How do I get on this class action law suite


The Class Action is the way to go! Find a Class Action Attorney in your state.

You can start the class and then add members and I doubt gathering members would be much of an issue at all my friend-This class will grow legs immediately.You could even start your own site--calling it or close. Go For It-You'll win!

Monster has avoided lawsuits for the simple fact that who in their right mind would travel from Texas to Florida and file a small claims complaint seeking 4k or so. Here's the corporate data on Monster Transmission AKA Avalanche Corporation via


yes I agree .do not buy from monster my tranny blew the pump after 300 miles and they screwed me to


If your transmission is a Dodge, then it wasn't tested. I was told by a tech they don't have a Dodge test vehicle

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