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I drove my car to Monster Tansmissions, so they could rebuild a weak but functional transmission. Monster transmissions drove my car in their shop every night and out of the shop every morning during normal business hours, with no abnormal engine noise.

On the day of service they drove the car on the lift with once again no abnormal engine noise. They removed the old transmission, placed a new transmission and 30 minutes after they installed the new transmission, they “detected and abnormal engine noise”. When I responded to the shop to pick up my vehicle I heard the noise and identified it as a catastrophic engine noise. When questioned the shop took no responsibility for the noise and refused to properly investigate the cause.

Monster transmission informed me they were not interested in making the situation right. I was unable to drive the vehicle, causing me to trailer the car home. I drove a very mechanically sound 450+ hp car to a shop for a transmission and after them servicing the transmission I was forced to trailer the vehicle home. This sorry excuse for a transmission shop destroyed my $7,000 engine which now needs to be completely rebuilt or replaced.

After relaying the facts to two separate and independent engine builders it been determined the cause of the engine failure was due to the transmission shop improperly installing the transmission.

More specifically crushing the thrust bearing which caused the rotating assembly to misalign and self destruct. STAY AWAY from monster transmission.

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My 700R4 was purchased in 2015. 800 miles later, I lose 4th gear when the trans fluid gets warm.

I have 2 trans coolers, so heat should not be an issue. While it was under warranty, they did not work with me. I thought we established a relationship, as advertised. I am now 3 months past my warranty .

My car is in the trans shop. When the trans was removed, the repair shop called me in, to show me all types of defective internal parts. My trans Shop also told me some parts were installed backwards, including defective parts within the valve body, valve, gasket seals ripped when originally installed by the original builder, etc. I have went to 3 transmission shops after I lost 4th gear.

They all told me, they get several Monster Transmissions each year, for total rebuilding or other repairs. All three shops said they tell customers to avoid Monster. I have attended the L.A. Roadster Show and Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona Ca for the past 3 years.

All of the vendors, custom car builders, and others told me they stay away from Monster Transmission for this reason.

Bad reputation, poor quality control, and just being a bad product. We need to start a class action lawsuit!


going to another trans builder for my th400

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