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Sorry for the long review. Lots to be upset about here.

Right from the start I have had a bad experience with this company. The day I bought this the guy taking my phone order couldn't even get my address right. Had my address as Florida and not my own state so I was charged tax. I had to call back after I received the order confirmation email to get the address corrected and a refund for tax. After several weeks I received a call from the carrier wanting to deliver to my house. No email notification. Several days after I received the transmission, Monster called me to inform me that the transmission would be delivered. I told them they were a little late I had already received it. Not a major problem. I understand human error.

Well that was just the start. After I got the transmission in and on the road after several hundred miles it started developing a terrible 2-3 shift. It was so harsh that it was more like a shutter. Also, it would hang in 3rd when cold and not shift to 4th. After about 4 miles or so, when it would warm up, the 3-4 shift issue would go away. I had a bolt hole that was stripped out on the passenger side for the heat shield/exhaust bracket. Also, the torque converter that I bought from them looked like it was sitting around for many years and had no brand name on it. I also could not get one bolt to go in on one mount. The bolt hole looked cross threaded.

I requested to have the transmission and converter sent back via phone. The rep took my info and said someone would call to schedule a pickup. Well after about a week no one called me, so I called back asking when someone was going to give me the info. I was asked if that Thursday or Friday was fine. I said either day was fine. I was told someone would contact me again to verify. I was getting very confused at this point. Still no contact so I had to call back again. Finally i get a email notice from the carrier that I had a schedule pickup date. All good except I was sent 2 notices of pickup. I didn't think much of it until carrier called me confirming pickup time. After that I was sent a email from carrier telling me there was a duplicate pickup error.

Before they sent my transmission back I was contacted by a tech. He asked me several questions about the transmission since he could not find any problems. At this point I was getting very nervous getting the same transmission back that has a unresolved problem.

So I received the new transmission. The damaged bolt hole was repaired in the case and I received a new name brand converter. Things were looking up. I was happy but still nervous about the transmission because it still had the same issues as when I sent it in. Well after about 300 miles it went. It shifted into 3rd after I went around a corner at a light. No power to the wheels and it just makes a terrible loud clicking noise.

They should have never sent me a transmission back that they couldn't find the problem. I contacted them on Monday morning, the day after the transmission died. When I called back I was on hold for quite some time as usual before someone answered. I actually called back a second time because I got tired of waiting. When I did get to talk to someone I was told I needed to talk to a tech and he would call me back later that same day. Well 3 days go by and no call. Same situation as the first time.

I requested to talk to someone to file a complaint about the situation and I was told by the first tech that he didnt know who I should talk to but he would let me know. About 2 days later I got a call from Head of Operations. I explained to him my situation and he seemed to agree with me about returning the malfunctioning transmission to me without finding a problem was not a good move. I was hopeful that he would convey this to the next level of service but all I got was a young guy who tried to convince me that they will fix my problem BUT I would still have to pay for any hard parts. So against my better judgement I spent another $350 to ship it back. Total of $750 so far. Hind sight tells me it would have been better to just have it fixed locally or spend the money rebuilding my original core.

After 3 weeks of having the transmission and not hearing anything about it I got an email saying it was in build phase. I assumed they were going to fix the issue free of charge since I had not heard from anyone about diagnosis or any fees to me. Another week goes by and no other contact so I called to find out if I would be charged for anything. I was told that I had damaged the pump by improperly installing the torque converter. That is 100% BS and probably was damaged from their initial testing phase ( if that's an actual process) they claim they test every unit or when I sent it back the first time. Pump failures are not always due to improper converter installation but I guess that's just a good out for them. After calling several times and speaking to at least 3 people after that I finally was able to tell them I was not going to spend another penny on it and to send it back to me. I had a local shop build my original core for half the price with the same specs/upgrades and works like its supposed to. Truck was back on the road in 2 days. And a week before they sent their transmission back to me. No thanks to Monster for 4 months and 2200 bucks lost not counting shipping.

Final thoughts

Why buy from these guys when I have to spend more money and time shipping back and forth than the transmission is worth.

Very slow turnaround on repairs and getting info

There is no value in their warranty.

Very poor customer service trying to impress me with overbearing friendliness and ridiculous claims of superiority i.e. " We are so busy with tv promotions and celebrity interviews we don't have time to take your call" so you sit on hold listening to all their claims or have to wait for days or weeks for a callback. No exaggeration.

Product or Service Mentioned: Transmission.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Too many issues to list here.

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