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Okay so first off they sent the transmission to the wrong address then when I finally get it swapped out with the other guys transmission that they sent it 2 the wrong address mine you then we go to have it installed one of the bolts is stripped out so I get charged extra money for that then we go to install it the torque converter is 3 mm to big took a act of Congress for them to figure this out when I told them specifically I have an early 99 Ford F250 is very specific so finally get that worked out get the transmission installed come to find out it's not even working right so now I have to go through their so-called wowenty and they're telling me I have to uninstall that one send it back then they'll rebuild it and send it back to me mind you this is going on for 4 months now and I said *** no so they make me pay $1,000 to get another one right away before this one shows up I call and say you have the right torque converter yes please make sure so this doesn't happen again get the new transmission get it on the lift get it partially installed torque converters wrong now we are seven months down the road and my truck is been sitting my poor baby so now they are trying to figure out which one it is again which they should have on record and I am stuck in limbo and damn near $2,000 wasted I want to take it back plant with as much C-4 as possible and drop it off on their doorstep

Product or Service Mentioned: Transmission.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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