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In January, I posted that Josh at Monster Transmission was going to take care of some of the expenses that we had to pay due to their faulty transmissions (we received 2...servo popped out of the side of the first one and broke the case, lost 3rd gear on the way home with the second one...finally had someone else fix it at our expense. My original complaint is under the user name Jennifer.) Oh, and the first tranny had the wrong converter!

I did not "jump the gun" by posting my original complaint, it was only after Monster said they would do nothing. After posting, I got an email from Josh saying he wanted to help. When I called they offered me $250 if I would remove my complaint. I refused....after negoiating, we reached an agreement for $800. I could not remove my complaint, so I posted that they were helping me (I could not, in good conscience, lie and recommend them or say they are a good company. They are a transmission company and I received two bad tranmissions and they only offered help after complaining on here).

I have yet to receive anything from them and I won't. After not hearing from them, I called. Josh offered me $1000 to remove my complaint. He said that they had taken care of everyone who posted complaints on here. I explained that complaints could not be removed and that the other customers didn't remove their complaints, so I should be taken care of too. He said he would see what he could do. After not hearing from him, I called and was told that there had not been any updates on my file, that he would check on it. After not hearing from him again, I called and told him I wanted an answer that day or I would be updating here. I never heard back from him.

All they care about is saving their reputation. They only claimed they would help after my original post and since I can't remove it, they won't do anything. They make bad transmissions and they don't stand behind what they build. As I said before, the warranty is useless if you have to keep paying to have the trannys removed and installed. I recommend buying from a tranny from a shop that is local, that builds and installs it...that way if there is a problem, they can be responsible for pulling and fixing or replacing. I lost half of my motor warranty with the car sitting through all the tranny issues....lost alot of money for repair and installs....alot of time hauling the car back and forth to my mechanic (which is 2 hours away). Run from these people!!!!!

Review about: Monster Transmission Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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well thank you all for the straight fwd,info on these guys ! I am in the midst of doing full new body resto mod builds over 400 of them and I was looking in to this company for the trans after hearing of them on a program I watch on the velocity channel,, so I cannot risk my co.

name or the well being of my customers ,, I will print and post yours and all the complaints from here for all my investors and would be customers thank you and all who posted for saving my shop! rog,,


You cant get more correct than that. We That is Monster Transmission just wants your money.

*** if we screw up your transmission your the dipstick that trusted us .

Ha Ha joke is on you. your buddy forever, Josh


i feel your pain im in canada had my trany shipped across the border three times that alone is a pain in the *** .on top off dealing with the lies and bull *** they feed you at monster transmission i can not belive a company that is so misleading and lies no return calls can even remain open .i had to deal with doc and steve,carl,alex,and then the wosrt one of them all josh couldnt belive one word that was spoken by anyone there .that famous line we will call you right back and take your phone number every time you would think if you had an once of comon sence they would have put your phone in a file so they wouldnt have to ask for it if they had any intent on calling back .they probaly never even wrote it down.and then there is the phantom manger that you can never get to talk to or an owner .its a big scam if you want a trny you can plant flowers around this is your place or if you got thousands of dollars to throw away and like walking then these are your guys ,if you like to listen to a bunch of red neck dummies bull *** you out of your had earned cash and give you nothing in return but a very expencive pile of useless mix matched transmission parts thrown together to look like a trany then these guys will fix you up and josh i know your reading you sir can kiss my ***


I feel your pain bro. I gave them ~$2400 for the biggest baddest tranny I could stuff in my Silverado and it lasted about a month before the converter broke, taking out the pump with it. It's supposed to handle 650HP and I'm not even close to 400HP!

I called and tried to explain what happened both to the installers and to monster transmission and neither of them would step up to help. They pointed fingers at each other. Monster transmission said it was installed improperly and the shop that installed it had a master certified technician install it. Both are saying that they are experts and incapable of making mistakes. Bu!!***. Anything mechanical can fail and people are not infallible - I don't care how many certifications they have! I ended up sending them the transmission (at my cost) so they could inspect it. They said the same thing - it was installed wrong. Seems like a scape goat for all their customers - "It was installed wrong so we don't have to pay for any warranty work/parts." I paid them another $834 to fix it and ship it back to me. And now I am sitting here waiting for over 4 days now for them to ship it out and its still sitting on their docs. WTF!

The only reason why I went with these guys over a local shop was because of all the praise they got from the TV shows I watch (Power Block TV, Gears, Truck U, 2 Guys Garage). I hope they paid a lot of money for the advertisement time because they are not going to keep any customers with the poor customer service.

Next time I will buy local.


Eric Marley

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