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The 2 very young girls that work in the H.R Department- one of them is actually the Human Resources Manager- neither of them have any education in HR. You should be very very careful what you trust them with.

Any information you give them goes straight to the owners. and nothing is kept confidential. All of the things like pay, medical information and private things get shared with the Human Resource Managers live in boyfriend who happens to work for Monster as well. Makes for great pillow talk.

My point is they have no idea what to do with any of the information you give them, so be very careful. they have had no experience or training on what to do with your drug test, drivers license, SS card or I9. Please for your own sake go some where else to work. The also hire people based on who they are related to.

Family always comes first and is paid twice as much as anyone else.

that's why Wyatt makes more that 2000 per week. just sayin

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A quick Google search will show that the day after this was posted Monster posted 2 job postings for their HR department. Considering Monster is in a perpetual state of damage control from the F rating on BBB and hundreds of pissed off clients, they're not expanding as much as they would like to boast.

I doubt anyone has seen the HR employees for "years" considering the whole department consisted of 2 teenage sisters and cousins of the owner. If Monster put half as much effort into being an ethical and honest business as they do in slandering people who have justifiably negative things to say about the company, they might just be successful. I don't foresee that happening anytime soon, since the owner is the slimiest human you could meet.

I'm pretty sure he gets off on screwing people over, consumers and employees alike. I give 100% validity to the original poster, considering "Monstar1" is the owner pretending to be a regular employee.Also there's no shortage of ex employees or pissed of clients who want to exact revenge on the company.

to ExMonstar1 #1525655

This person clearly is named "Ex Monstar". Monstars are what we call our employees.

So this means that they are an Ex employee of our company. This original post and this comment cannot be taken to heart, since this is obviously just a disgruntled employee who has nothing constructive to say about the company itself, and they are just dragging current employees in the dirt for their own sick pleasure. I do NOT own the company, and am not an executive. I am a regular employee who is sticking up for our HR employees.

If the original poster and "ExMonstar1" could get a life, and stop dragging good people in the dirt, that would be wonderful. You obviously have nothing constructive to do if this is how you spend your time.


As a current employee of Monster, I can tell you that this is, no doubt, a comment from past employee who is just trying to get back at the company since they do not get the pleasure of working at our awesome company anymore. We have such a great atmosphere here, and I recommend anyone to work here!

This is so not true. I've been around the employees in the HR department for years, and they are nothing but professional.

I know for a fact that all of our information is secure and safe, and I can be sure I will be greeted with smiles and helpful info whenever I enter into the HR office. Thanks for listening!

to Monstar1 #1574381

You still work there?


This post is NOT True and or NOT accurate it is Sharing Personal information and SLANDERING names.

to WH90 #1521889

Yes, I agree 100% with this. This is obviously an angry employee who is trying to get revenge on an amazing company.

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