Marcq, Abu Dhabi

Save yourself a lot of grief-don't purchase a Monster transmission or parts.

The staff is smooth as glass when selling their products, mark our word, if anything goes wrong-and the odds are it will-you are in store for MAJOR MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!

We bet they will try to rebut our warning by making us, the buyers, the bad guys & claiming how great they are for that is their style, but don't believe it. TAKE YOUR MONEY & RUN!

We are just an average family that work very hard for our money but have been taken & told to shove off.

You have been warned. We lost our hard earned money-don't lose yours. We have nothing to gain by writing this but to keep you from making the same mistake that we did. DON'T BUY FROM MONSTER TRANSMISSION.

Signed, A hard working & honest family, K & S

Monetary Loss: $1368.

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New York, New York, United States #760535

If you paid for it w/your credit card file a fraud investigation w/card


Ordered a tranny on the phone $1700 later he said he would call back with a confirmation # within 1/2 hr, 2 hrs later no confirmation # or email of my order called "all agents busy" checked card already billed. Called next 2 days got the all agents busy ***. Decided to cancel finally customer support answered thru sales dept phone call said they were going to charge me a restocking fee still no email on order so it was never filled, got $1450 back after I notified my credit card company, disputing restock fee.

Don't do Bussiness with these'll regret it.

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