The hand shake terminology is all a lie. three years with unlimited mileage should mean exactly that, but monster is a lie.

Big passing gear went out on the 4l60E trans, I pulled the trans and even paid freight back to Florida. Josh stated that they are not required by law to state why the transmission/ torque converter failed(root cause failure analysis). Just that they give what is failed. I have also talked to Tom-who hung up, mellisa, Steve, and Steven all the same BS.How can they decipher if it was component failure and honor the warranty?

You see it is all a racket and they are thieves.

please contact me at this thread for a class action law suit, the more of us the better. 815-505-7367

Monetary Loss: $1514.

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Have you gotten any others to join you? We are talking to a lawyer now regarding a civil suit.

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Man I was just about to order a trans for my Hummer H2 from them, glad I read this first!!


2. Written by Robert94518 on August 25, 2012 from concord, california, US

On August 20th 2012 Louis(with Monster Transmission) and I came to an agreement that satisfies both myself and Monster Transmission regarding the issues that I had with my transmission.

Thank you Louis for your help.


any company wanting to save there repuatition will write just about anything to make you belive that there product is ok .monster transmission has proven only one thing time after time lies and more lies there is more than enough people on this site saying the same thing about monster transmission .they build junk junk junk and the warrnty sucks because they don t know what they are doing the first time around they sure don t know what to do with it the second and third time g.good trany shops don t have warranty problems because they get it right the first time and when mistakes are made they say sorry and what can we do to make this up to you ,not hey you installed it wrong and you screwed up give us more of your money so we can *** over a little harder. god damm crooks should be throw in jail .you have a good day josh ,your good buddy alex from sarnia


Okay you helped one customer. Great.

But you still "F" ed me out of $2000.00, screwed up my transmission that I sent you to rebuild. You failed to repair the cause of the failure and refused to take responsibility for your failure. Instead your buddies Danny and Josh were quick to point their fingers at me from day one.

you should read the warranty that you say you provide. Robert


Your full of it. I tried to get my transmission repaired and after the third time you screwed it up and blamed me, you refused to even talk to me.

I have a written statement from the transmission shop that fixed it correctly that states you technicians missed a critical failed component.

Just ask Danny and Josh. You do not honor your warranty.


Received today

Sent: Monday, August 06, 2012 8:04 AM

To: grace@monstertrans.com

Cc: qualityassurance@monstertrans.com

Subject: Re: Your Order From Monster Transmission and Performance

Grace, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and diligence. I received the transfer case as you said the following day - which was a Thursday. Monster Transmissions really did something other companies would not do - which was very extraordinary. Monster Transmissions sent the corrected replacement case without me having to return the incorrect core or the existing core. The whole procedure was very fast after I contacted MT. I was very surprise that other MT reps were able to step and handle this situation when you where not available. I was able to get my car back on the road with the correct transfer case fast - I mean really fast. It really was received today, installed tomorrow. This could not have achieved without your diligence. I just want to thank Monster Transmission and especially you for all you have done to iron this kink out.

Thanks again Grace and the reps of Monster Transmissions



Monsters handshake warranty is not worth the paper its printed on. They rebuilt my transmission wrong three times then told me they would no longer help me.

I had to have a local shop repair and they told me that monster failed to replace a critical part that had been the cause of the failures. Thanks for nothing Danny and Josh.


bull *** thats the line of *** monster transmission uses to sell the junk tranys if your products where half as good as you say they are you would not have so many warranty claims and complaints about the product.there are a lot of complants because the trannys are junk and you can t fix the problem because they don t know what they are doing .i took my so called heavy duty monster transmission to a real pro trans shop and had it tore down the tech couldn t belive the level of garbage they saw wrong parts mixed matched with wrong seals on and on check out the pic i posted on line words are cheap easy to say the proof is in the pudding as they would say your pudding (transmission)sucks your warrnty is a lie and it will catch up to you yet .i already saved half dozen people from buying your *** thank god you have a great day josh


Monster Transmission helps all customers,even if it's not Monster Fault. We have shipped out multiple units even if one replacement is what the warranty states.

We have gotten units destroyed by customers and still helped them. We have customers who contact us out of warranty and we still help them. We have received warranty units that we couldn't determine the failure and still helped the customer. We dont charge labor to inspect our units if they have a problem.

We offer discounted rates on units not covered under warranty,instead of charging full price for a new one.We are featured on several TV shows because they requested our products,not because we paid them for advertising.Go to www.monstertestimonials.com or youtube to see lots of videos from customers,not us,that are completely satisfied with our products.

From mild to wild,daily driver to racing, we are here to help you with your transmission needs. Go to www.eatmyshift.com or call us at 1-800-708-0087 with any questions !


monster transmission sucks you can bull *** with the best over there .same problems with the transmissions allways the same complaint from everybody monster transmission just want your money and they send you there rubber trans peice of junk they couldn t build a transmission strong enough to keep a tonka truck on the road.miss me josh , its you fav custmer alex,is see your still makin friends ***


The customer had a 3 year warranty,which covers manufacture defects and errors on our part.The Customer was allready given a replacement transmission per his signed warranty agreement. The customer had a problem with the second unit.

Instead of refusing to help him,we offered to inspect the second unit,even though the warranty was fufilled. After inspecting the unit at no charge we found that it had overheated. It got so hot it melted internal parts,that is not covered by warranty. Instead of charging him full price for a new unit,we offered him a more than fair discount on a new unit.

The customer has cursed and yelled at our employees. We have continued to try and help him even tho he has done this and threatened several actions. We will still like to help him and get him back on the road. He spoke to the manager several times and has now come on here not reporting both sides of the story.

Monster Transmission stands behind its products and tries to help everyone we can. Call us at 1-800-708-0087 for any questions !

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