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I ordered a transmission overhaul kit advertised to be the best with the best warranty. All the parts looked great except for the trans pan.

On a C4 transmission there are two styles of pans : panfill and case fill. When placing the order I selected pan fill the pan I recieved was a case fill. So no big deal right? Wrong ..called the customer service # and politely explained the situation.

After a long annoyed sigh she puts me on hold. When she returns she says the pan was a freebee they just throw in and if it doesn't work I will just have to use my old one! Astounded I explained that they asked what style and I had specified correctly. After being on hold three more times she finally verified that yes I had specified correctly.

Hold again...a man picks up and I explain again. He gives me the same line "it was free just use your old one" and a guy in the back ground says tell that cheap *** to just buy another one its only ten bucks. I lost it. I said I heard that comment and I want my god d@*!

Pan! Ok ok here an rma # send the wrong one back and we will send you the correct one. Ok send it back at my cost of 12$ a week later get a call that they can no longer get that style they can send me the wrong one again or credit me 10$. I didn't argue anymore.

Bought one off amazon for 30 counted my losses. Definately wish I would have seen this site before I made that mistake.

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Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #891947

I had a problem with the governor. I called Monster up and they fixed it, no questions asked.

Now my trans is working like brand new and I can say EAT MY SHIFT! Thanks Monster!

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #783650

Monster staff wow outright lie to me and then on here. Why dont you post a recording of that phone conversation if you indeed record them which I doubt.

Also check your website yes there is an option to pick a pan style because yes it does matter. for the "freebee" wrong style pan.

Brooksville, Florida, United States #769406

Ok this client purchased a rebuild kit on 11/10/2012. There is no and has never been a place to select the type of pan you will receive.

It is included in our SS kit as a freebie, the HD kit doesn't contain one. If we asked the client which one he needed and didn't deliver the right one, that is definitely our fault. The client called in 12/3/2013, just over a year later. Most companies would tell you to go away, we offered to help.

The client actually started cursing at the lady on the phone, we record all of our calls in and out, she turned it over to a supervisor. The client was told that he could send it back in and we would swap it out. When we received the pan back, we were unable to find the one he needed. At this time we offered to ship the items back or refund him our cost on the free pan.

He elected to have it shipped back to him. To the person posting from down the road, come on by.

We warranty all of our units and we also have our parts on Amazon. Our address is 19370 Oliver Street Brooksville FL and the number here is 1-800-708-0087 !

to Monster Staff Brooksville, Florida, United States #774571

Mr Monster staff, due to your companies incompetence I will never purchase services or materials from you, your employees treat customers like criminals when they have a problem. I know this first hand, since my transmission was rebuilt improperly and I was blamed for the failure.

When I took it to a transmission shop they told me that your employees failed to replace a critical component which was the cause, when I informed your company of this I was told their was nothing they could do to help me. So Why would I call you now, you wont tell me who you are and if I call your company I am unable to get past Josh as he will not let me talk to anyone else.

Brooksville, Florida, United States #769251

The people at Monster are useless. They are only able to take your money. Any warranty they offer they will not honor.

Do not purchase anything from Monster, instead go to a local professional shop for repairs or as you did use trusted web sites like Amazon for parts.

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